Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gmail Growl V1.3

Gmail Growl V1.3 contains the following improvements:
  • New Feature: Added support for Google App users
  • New Feature: Unread mail count in tray symbol
  • Bug Fix: Login was not possible when the credentials contained certain symbols
  • Bug Fix: Click on notification for new mails did not open the new mail
  • Bug Fix: Wrong unread status when changing the account

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All comments, suggestions, feedback, or bug reports are always welcome.


Harv said...

Is there any way to use GmailGrowl with multiple accounts ? That would be great feature!!!

Thx for all your hard work

Markus Mohnen said...

Currently no, but this is on my list for V1.4.
Since V1.3 Gmail Growl remembers the last new mail for each account separately and mentions the account in several notifications, so a bit of preparation is already there.

Harv said...

Great, I'm anxiously waiting for ver 1.4 ;)

Markus Mohnen said...

Stay tuned :-)

ohartley said...

hi i'm having a problem with google apps, on the username i put and the password never the lelss i get a Autolt Error, line -1:
Error: Error in expression

Windows XP
google apps in Chrome

Markus Mohnen said...

@ohartley: Would you mind sending a email to for this issue? This is very likely related to your email and/or special characters in your password and we better not discuss this here ...

Chris Kankiewicz said...

NOD32 is detecting this as a virus... just thought you'd like to know.

Chazdrums said...

McAfee keeps blocking and uninstalling this version as well.

Edward said...

I was wondering, does Gmail Growl use secure login, like via SSL? Or is the login data sent in plaintext over the net?

Markus Mohnen said...

The credentials are sent via https.

J.E. said...


Great piece of software.

I have just a little glitch but I'm not sure if it's because of my personnal environment or Gmail Growl.

When everything is running (Growl and Gmail Growl), if I right-click the icon then click on "Open Gmail Inbox" 2 things can happen.

1) if firefox is already open
- It will open a new tab and get me right into my inbox

2) if firefox is NOT open
- It will open firefox and a tab at the login page of Gmail, not the inbox.
- If at that point I click a gain "Open..." then a new tab will open right in my inbox.

Any insight as to what might be happening?


Markus Mohnen said...

@J.E.: Gmail Growl currently uses the credentials only to get the unread mails. It does not log you in to Gmail when you click on "Open Gmail Inbox". I think you have the option "Remember me" disabled in Gmail. But when firefox is open, most probably you already logged in to Gmail in this browser, thats why it remembers in the first case.

Josh said...

So a slight problem. The GMail plugin works but I don't see anymore alerts. The only way I know that there is a new email is because I see the icon change to blue (thanks by the way.. )

Any ideas? It still shows as registered in Growl.


J.E. said...

Good point,

I use webmail notifier add-on in firefox so it's probably why.

I don't know if it would be possible to get right into the inbox (like webmail notifier does) but it be very useful. Part of why I was interested in Growl Gmail was that I hoped it would remove the need to keep my browser open.

If I have to login everytime, as well keep the browser open, and at that point, as well use webmail notifier, which will get me right in my inbox.

At any rate, I'm sure it's a great piece of software and certainly a terrific and insightful support (in a more than timely manner I must say)

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

NOD antivirus is calling this a virus...

Björn said...

I'm behind a corporate firewall that seams to block direct access to gMail. Will you implement use of proxy?

Markus Mohnen said...

@Josh: can you please check that Growl vor Windows is enabled (first tab of Growl settings) and that the Gmail Growl notifications are enabled (applications tab of Growl settings)

@Björn: Gmail Growl uses the IE proxy settings, in will make this configurable in an future version. But if your company proxy blocks Gmail, this won't help you.

Josh said...

Markus, thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate the quick responses and the time you put into this.

To your questions... Grow is enabled and All Notifications are set to True.

Very strange as it was all working.

I even get the "Growl is Running" notification when I restart Growl.


Björn said...

Markus, My IE is configured to use a .pac script. Is that implemented as well? BTW the Vista Google sidebar widget is able to login without any settings.

jon said...

How do you install this? I keep getting an error that it cannot be opened because it's not a valid install package.

Markus Mohnen said...

@Josh: This is really strange, I will have a closer look.

@Björn: PAC files should work as well. I will have a closer look at the sidebar widget, thanks for the hint.

@Jon: Maybe you have the same problem as Chazdrums, Edward, and Anonymouse (see above): A false positive from your virus scanner.

jon said...

It's not a virus scanner problem. I do use nod32, but that's only a problem in firefox and I'm using chrome. I am running win7; I guess there's a compatibility issue.

Markus Mohnen said...

@Jon: Did you only try executing the msi directly, or did you also try to download the msi and executing it in a second step?

tgigreeny said...

Hi there. Great work, I too am getting the
Autolt -1 error whenever I try to enter my username and password.

Oddly, there are no special characters at all in either me UN or PW. Using XP SP3, with Firefox. Latest vers of Growl and Gmail for Growl.

Cheers, Tom

jon said...

I tried both.

Markus Mohnen said...

It seems the proxy detection in V1.3 is pretty broken, causing the "AutoIt -1" error and other malfunctions.
Sorry for that! I am currently working on the problem and will keep you updated.

Regards, Markus

Markus Mohnen said...

@jon: Please try downloading the zip file instead of the msi file:

Anonymous said...

Hey, version 1.4 is out, but I don't see the possiblilty of using multiple gmail accounts. How are you doing with this?

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